Identifying Your Auto Glass Features

Electrochomic Mirror - A rearview mirror that has power and automatically dims bright lights behind you, may have a compass, or display temperature.

Heated Wiper Park - Heat lines that run under the area the wipers set when turned off. Some are more obvious than others. 

Rain/Light Sensor - Small gel pack adhered to the windshield. They can be various different shapes including round, oval, rectangle, or square. They are always up by the rearview mirror but can be above, below, to the left or the right. 

Heads Up Display - An ADAS feature that actually projects information onto the windshield such as speed, temperature, or even navigation.

Lane Departure Warning System - Will notify you if you are drifting between lanes, without using your turn signal. It may beep, vibrate, or show a picture on your navigation system.

Lane Departure with Rain Sensor - Some windshields will have multiple features.

A humidity sensor detects moisture in the air and regulates fresh air intake. This is typically a 'Black Box' on the passenger side of the rear view mirror or located inside the rearview mirror plastic.