Vehicle Recalibration Services Now Available!

With today's newer vehicles, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are becoming more popular.

Living in the Colorado Rockies, windshields are replaced frequently.

When a windshield is replaced in a vehicle with ADAS features, the cameras need to be recalibrated to ensure proper functionality. We can help!

Our sister company, High Country Vehicle Recalibration works hand in hand for your replacement needs.

Things to know for your appointment:

  • Your vehicle needs a full tank of gas.
  • All extra cargo needs to be removed from the vehicle before your appointment.
  • If there are codes present, your vehicle will need to go to the dealership to have them addressed before the work can be done.
  • We will have your vehicle all day and you will receive a call when your vehicle is ready to be picked up.
  • Your vehicle will be driven for the recalibration service. We cannot guarantee that your new windshield will not be hit by a rock, and cannot be held responsible if this were to happen. In most cases, we can do a repair procedure to seal the chip.
  • If there are no lines visible on the road, your recalibration will need to be rescheduled.  The windshield can still be replaced, but your features will need to be turned off until the cameras are properly recalibrated. 

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If your vehicle is in need of a tire rotation or alignment, please have that work done before scheduling a windshield replacement with recalibration.