Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you sometimes more expensive than other auto glass shops?

I just got a chip in my windshield. What should I do?

To ensure a good repair, you should place a piece of scotch tape on the chip as soon as possible. By covering the damage, you will keep dirt and water out. This will not stop it from spreading, but a wet chip cannot be fixed until it is dry. Call the shop to set up an appointment.

I have glass insurance on my vehicle. How do I use it to pay for my repair or replacement?

You need to call your insurance company to place a claim. We cannot do this for you. Let them know what you need done and that you are going to be using our shop for the work. They will send over the proper information to us and we can get your appointment scheduled. Call the shop and set up an appointment. 

I have a broken window or a window with failed seals at my house. What is the process to get it fixed? 

Call the office to get an appointment set up. We will come out to the property to get measurements and assess the job. At that point, we will send you a quote for the work. If you would like to proceed with the work, a 50% deposit is required to order the glass. When we know the delivery date, we will then schedule the install. Balance is due at time of install. 

We are an AGSC (Auto Glass Safety Council) registered company. We pride ourselves on quality work and stand behind our work 100%. Because we are held to a higher standard, it will take us longer to do a job than other companies. You are paying for the quality we provide. You can visit to see a list of registered companies.