Following popper precautions will help ensure a good repair.

       Do not touch the break. The oil in our skin does not mix with the resin and can cause the resin to not perform properly.

      Cover the break as soon as possible. Clear scotch tape works great. (In the area, stop by and grab a chip saver card) If a chip is wet, it cannot be repaired until it dries out. Do not cover a wet chip. Also, the cleaner the break, the better the repair. Do not clean the window prior to arrival for your appointment. We will clean it for you. 

      Avoid extreme temperature changes. If you have damage to your windshield, running the defrost on a cold windshield will cause the break to spread. Cold/hot water and direct sunlight will also cause a break to spread.

      Do Not apply anything to the break (IE: clear nail polish or super glue). These will not stop the break from spreading and will result in not being able to have the chip repaired.

NWRA Standard (National Windshield Repair Association)

      On rare occasions, certain types of breaks may spread during the repair process, regardless of precautions. All Cracked Up cannot guarantee the prevention of this, and shall not be held responsible for breakage that may occur during the repair process. We are working on a broken windshield and this is an inherent risk. If the break should run or grow during the repair process, and is not repairable, we will credit the cost of the repair towards the cost of a new windshield.    

      Most chips can be repaired. The standard for repairs is: under a half dollar, not in the driver's line of view, and less than a dollar bill sized crack. Some exclusions apply. Please stop by if you are not sure if your chip is repairable.

      Due to the many variables involved in a windshield chip repair (such as dirt and road oils, type of break, etc), we cannot guarantee the degree of clarity your repair will have. Many repairs will seem almost invisible while others will seem almost unchanged to the eye. While visual improvement is the goal, our primary concern is the integrity of each repair.

      Once a repair is completed, All Cracked Up guarantees the repair will not result in a crack from the original repair area. If this occurs, we will credit the cost of the repair toward the cost of a replacement windshield.

Please call the shop to schedule an appointment if you have damage that may need to be repaired. 

Chip repair Rewards are here!

      How the program works... Buy 5 get one free!

For every chip that you have repaired, paying out-of-pocket, receive a stamp on the card. The card contains 5 spots. After the card is filled, you receive a free chip repair or $50 off of a new windshield.